MIRSK appreciate an open relationship with the media. Our focus is always to provide fast and competent response to outside inquiries.

In MIRSK we possess great expertise in speech technology issues and problems. This competence means that MIRSK has expert status in almost all areas relating to speech technology, whether it is technology, application or market.

This expert status can be used by media, politicians and others to obtain information and to get feedback on various issues relating to or dealing with speech technology. You are always welcome to contact our press department for more information.

Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

– MIRSK Speech Recognition™

MIRSK Speech Recognition™ is a timesaving technology that can reduce the time and resources associated with writing and documentation. In order for public employees to meet the increasing demands for documentation, they can use speech recognition. Specifically, speech recognition allows employees to record audio files, upload them to a computer and have them transcript, instead of typing them directly into the computer. The technology draws on the fact that we speak faster than we write and can thereby streamline administrative workflows by 25-30 %.

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Digital Dictation

– MIRSK Suite™

MIRSK Suite™ is a digital dictation solution. MIRSK Suite™ is the most widely used dictation solution in the Danish hospital sector, where it is used by 26,000 doctors, nurses and secretaries in three of Denmark’s five regions. The implementation of MIRSK Suite™ has meant that regional hospitals have switched from analogue to digital dictations. This shift has contributed to a vital resource improvement for both doctors and secretaries. The improvement has occurred among other things because the process of handling tapes has been digitized. At the same time the digital sound quality reduces the need for clarification of the dictates content.

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– MIRSK ProDictation™

MIRSK ProDictation™ is a simple and user-friendly dictation solution based on the newest technologies within the field. The solutions lets the user make professional dictations simple by using a smartphone. The dictations are uploaded to the online transcription platform www.prodictation.com, as soon as the user’s smartphone is online. From www.prodictation.com the user themselves or a colleague can then access the dictation and transcribe it.

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MIRSK is a Danish IT company with headquarters in Copenhagen. The current director Kevin Yunai established the company in 2004. MIRSK is Denmark’s only manufacturer of digital dictation and speech recognition. Today, 26,000 doctors, secretaries and nurses in three of the country’s five regions use MIRSKs digital dictation. In the spring of 2015 MIRSK entered the municipal market with the  other core product of the company: speech recognition, which has been under development since 2008.