Speech Recognition™

Share information, automatic & efficient.

Creates a smooth workflow.

Speech Recognition™

Speech to text, quickly & accurately.

Regain time for the core tasks.

We develop


We have two dictation solutions; the simple, user-friendly MIRSK ProDictation ™ and its advanced brother MIRSK Suite ™. Find the solution that suits your needs.


MIRSK Speech Recognition ™ makes documentation better, easier and faster. We develop our own technology and can adapt it to your needs.

Our company

MIRSK is a Danish IT company that will challenge the traditional market with our innovative, focused and collaborative approach. We are a niche company that develops and provides the only Danish developed dictation and speech recognition solutions on the market.

We believe that our technology is better if it is developed in close cooperation with our customers. We are always interested in learning more about your needs and to exchange ideas and experiences with you.


  • photo of a municipality lady

    MIRSKs speech technology eases the administrative work and meets the increasing documentation requirements in municipalities.

  • MIRSK provide dictation solutions for three of Denmark’s five regions and services currently 26,000 public health employees

  • MIRSK will help to maintain and develop the state’s services with our speech technology.

  • With our speech technology MIRSK helps private companies to achieve their growth potential.


Become a Mirsk partner

Your company has the opportunity to becomea a Mirsk partner. See the video below and understand our marketing strategy.

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