MIRSK Suite™

MIRSK Suite™ consists of two software programs, a dictation program and a transcription program. Additionally, three pieces of dictation equipment are included, a digital Dictaphone, a foot pedal and a headset. These five elements constitute MIRSK Suite™, a customized solution for the Danish hospitals. Today MIRSK Suite™ is the most widely used dictation solution in the Danish hospital sector, where it is used by 26,000 doctors, nurses and secretaries in three of Denmark’s five regions.

An advanced dictation program

Simple integration
A well-developed API makes it simple to integrate MIRSK Suite™ in any electronic patient record (EPR).

An intuitive and simple application that makes the system user-friendly for the dictating users.

Many options
Contains several new features, such as offline dictation, download old memos and the possibility of drafting administrative dictations.

MIRSK Suite™ - Dictation equipment

Digital Dictaphone

The first of the three dictation tools included with MIRSK Suite™ is a digital voice recorder, which is typically used by doctors to dictate.

Foot Pedal

The next of the dictation tools included with MIRSK Suite™ is a foot pedal. The foot pedal is used by a secretary to start, stop, fast forward and rewind the dictations during the transcription phase.


The third dictation tool included with the MIRSK Suite™ is a headset of high quality. The secretary can use it during the transcription phase.

Make the solution more mobile

MIRSK Dictation+
Our App MIRSK Dictation+ for iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Tablet can replace Dictaphones and makes the solution more mobile.
Dictations are automatically transferred to the Secretary

With MIRSK Dication+, your dictations are automatically transferred to your secretary.

Do your work more efficiently
Our mobile solution limits the time wasting and negates the need to be the same place.

Statistics and analysis

Organizational Hierarchy

User Profiles

AD Integration

Statistical Functionality

Give A Full Overview:

  • Dictations per. doctor
  • Transcriptions per. secretary
  • Number of dictations made per day
  • Dictations based on type