RIgshospitalet has implemented MIRSK Suite™, a digital dictation solution and also received a customized hardware solution.


Rigshospitalet is a specialized hospital with the tasks within patient care, research, development and education. As a health scientific research center, the hopsital has the specific tasks regarding patient care, research and education.

Rigshospitalet is a hospital that, like most other hospitals in The Capital Region of Denmark, had implemented a digital dictation solution in 2009-2010.

MIRSK has had a great partnership with Rigshospitalet. MIRSK have many active pilot projects at the hospital, and there have been made some sizeable evaluation reports, particularly in the Neurologist Department. There have also been Japanese engineers from the company Olympus visiting and in this regard, Rigshospitalet cooperated in the development of Olympus dictaphones for MIRSK.

MIRSK have created a customized hardware solution for the hospital, which stands out from the remaining hospitals in The Capital Region of Denmark. This solution consisted of delivery of wireless headsets that can be integrated with computers and MIRSK at the hospital while simultaneously being operational for telephone service.