The Region of South Denmark was in need of a digital dictation solution that could be integrated with the IT system Cosmic.

The Region of South Denmark

In 2007, in attempt to increase digitalization of The Region of Southern Denmark, there was a EU-tender offer issued, where the winner would be awarded with a framework contract with the region over a period of at least five years. The participants of the competition were evaluated by a set of criteria, that were functionality, reliability and price.

MIRSK’s products were the best on all criteria, and MIRSK was able to accommodate all the specific wishes and needs of the region, especially in the context of integration with other IT systems. Among other things, the requirements from The Region of South Denmark were that the digital dictation solution could be integrated with their overall IT system Cosmic, and that it could be done so in a short period of time.

In addition, MIRSK offered a reasonable price, superior client service and a functional, dynamic and proven total solution for digital dictation. Therefore MIRSK won the tender and thus the rights to implement digital dictation in this region until the end of 2012.

As a result of the attained tender and the following framework contract, MIRSK implemented a total solution for digital dictation in all the departments of Svendborg Hospital and Odense University Hospital. The users in these hospitals have already expressed their great satisfaction with the functionality of the software and the improved work processes.

After the implementation in these two hospitals, the remaining hospitals in the region that want digital dictation, are set for a continuous phasing in with the implementation plan.