The Region of North Jutland selected to implement MIRSK Suite™ at once to all its users – a so-called “Big Bang” implementation.

The Region of North Jutland

The Region of North Jutland’s main task is a healthcare in Northern Jutland. The Region also has an overall responsibility for regional development and also it takes care of specialized tasks in the social sphere and in relation to disabled children and adults.

In relation to a contract in 2009, MIRSK won the right to provide solutions for The Region of North Jutland. Then The Region selected the task of implementation and operation of the overall solution.

All the institutions belonging to The Region of North Jutland e.g. Aalborg University Hospital, Vendsyssel Hospital, Thy-Mors Hospital, Psychiatry, chose to implement solutions at the same time. It was done by a so-called “Big Bang” implementation where, in one year, they went from 0 users to a little under 10,000 users.

In addition to a complete dictation solution from MIRSK, The Region also received:

– An integration for “Single Sign-On” so that users automatically log on to MIRSK when they turn on their computers.
– A wireless speech recognition solution for some of the regional users who are highly mobile.
– A telephone dictation solution that via landline enables users to dial a number and make their dictation.

From the start, regardless of MIRSK, The Region of North Jutland also selected a Citrex solution. In the best way possible, MIRSK integrated the solution with Citrex.

More recently, The Region has also been part of a pilot project together with MIRSK, regarding speech recognition.