Psychiatry in The Capital Region of Denmark implemented MIRSK Suite™ including a mobile solution and helped MIRSK to further develop our products and service.

Psychiatry in The Capital Region of Denmark

The Capital Region of Denmark’s Psychiatry Department is the largest psychiatric hospital in Denmark with 5,300 employees. Annually they treat approx. 40,000 people – children and adults with severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia, depression and personality disorders.

Psychiatry consists of 10 centers:

3 child- and youth mental health centers, a combined staff function, and 3 social services spread across the region.

MIRSK has delivered MIRSK Suite™ to Psychiatry in The Capital Region of Denmark, which then have provided training and installation to their centers themselves.

Users from Psychiatry needed mobile solutions, as several of the users are regularly on the move. It was therefore decided to supplement with wireless dictaphones from MIRSK. Throughout this exciting process, Psychiatry was highly instrumental in developing the MIRSK app and the mobile solution as a whole.