Odense University Hospital have been supplied with a tailor-made solution from MIRSK that is designed to meet future requirements.

Odense University Hospital

In February 2007, The Region of South Denmark initiated an EU-tender offer in regard to supplying Odense University Hospital with digital dictation. A number of suppliers made a bid for this tender.

The hopsital needed a total digital PC-dictation and transcription solution with a direct integration from VM data into the EHR system COSMIC. In the first phase, 1,000 doctors and 600 secretaries were offered digital dictation and transcription with integration to COSMIC. MIRSK made a bid for the tender and was invited to present it.

MIRSK subsequently delivered a complete test system and developed a complete integration for COSMIC in full compliance with the specification of requirements from Odense University Hospital. The Region of South Denmark then chose MIRSK as a future partner and supplier.

The Region of South Denmark/Odense University Hospital has been given a customized solution, designed to meet future requirements. The solution unites doctors and secretaries in a whole new way, make the workflows more efficient, gives more time for the patients and provides staff with a significantly improved and more mobile work environment.

The solution included:
MIRSK Suite™
Telecommuting via MIRSK