Landssjúkrahúsid in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, decided to implement MIRSK Suite™ after seeing it in practice in The Capital Region of Denmark.


Landssjúkrahúsid is a central hospital of the Faroe Islands located in Torshavn. It employs approx. 850 people, making it Faroe Islands largest employer.

Landssjúkrahúsid is not a part of The Regions of Denmark. However they have a close cooperation with The Capital Region of Denmark, where they have witnessed MIRSK’s solution in practice. As they were using analog tapes in Torshavn, it was a perfect opportunity to look at digital dictation, in order to ease the workflow in the hospital

Shortly after, Landssjúkrahúsid signed an agreement with MIRSK.

They initially elected a digital dictation solution with an installation directly on Landssjúkrahúsid’s computers.

In less than two days, MIRSK delivered a complete installation, set up the hardware and trained the users.

The hospital has later decided that it should also have an integration to Cosmic, the electronic health record.