Hilleroed Hospital and NOH got a complete implementation and a great end result with MIRSK Suite™.

Hilleroed Hospital

The Region of North Zealand Hospitals (NOH) consist of an association of five hospitals that have a close cooperation: Frederikssund Hospital, Hoersholm Hospital, Esboenderup Hospital, Helsingoer Hospital and Hilleroed Hospital.

The hospitals share many medical specialties between them, which means that there are a large number of doctors and health care professionals working across hospitals. In autumn 2008, they saw an advantage of implementing MIRSK Suite™ to all of The Region’s hospitals in unison – a so called Big Bang deployment.

This deployment was the first of its kind.

The Region of North Zealand Hospitals already had some departments scattered around at the various hospitals, which made use of MIRSK’s solutions and acted as pilot departments. The hospitals therefore had experience with the solutions, and it was on the basis of this experience, it was decided that all departments in NOH should make use of MIRSK in a future.

The implementation date was set for Tuesday the 3rd of February 2009. A game plan was then carried out, where it was decided that the month of December would be used to set up the organizational structure of the system itself, i.e. rights, departments, dictation types, etc. The structure of rights is relatively complex when five hospitals have to cooperate with each other. But the MIRSK systems are developed in order so that this should be feasible.

The second phase of the Big Bang implementation was the training of the users. It was decided that MIRSK was to teach and train all doctors and medical secretaries in NOH. The training of these thousands of users was done over the course of January.

The last phase of the implementation was the exciting days when the system was to be put into use. This is a critical time in every deployment since the user’s impressions on the first week can have a great influence on the future involvement with the product. Therefore, at MIRSK we always offer to come out on the first two days of the implementation in a department or a hospital. This is done to be available if there are any questions, if there is need for a little jump-start or, in general, if there are minor problems that we subsequently quickly can solve.

The implementation process ran completely without problems and is to this date one of MIRSK’s greatest successes. The advantage of making a complete implementation at one time has been that all departments, at all hospitals, have been able to collaborate and make use of the same programs from day one.

MIRSK thus can handle large as well as small projects.