Glostrup Hospital is another hospital in The Capital Region of Denmark that could see an incentive to make use of MIRSK Suite™.

Glostrup Hospital

Glostrup Hospital specializes in areas such as diseases of the brain and nerves, back pain treatment, eye diseases and arthritis treatment.

The Hospital falls under the tender offer regarding digital dictation that MIRSK won in 2007.

In addition, Glostrup Hospital was one of the hospitals in The Capital Region of Denmark that was offered a pilot department at the beginning of the process.

The hospital needed an easy and simple tool to make and transcribe dictations, as well as a way to allocate secretaries workloads in a manageable way.

MIRSK accepted the challenge and The Department of Ophthalmology accepted the pilot project with open arms, with an approach of having the process to run as smoothly as possible. All staff, including doctors, secretaries and health professionals in general, was gracious and good to give feedback on the following development.

After the pilot run, The Department of Ophthalmology chose to go along with MIRSK digital dictation, leading to full implementation of the system on the entire hospital. Once the system was fully implemented, the staff was able to work throughout all the departments, which made workflows for doctors, secretaries and nurses more efficient.

At the end of April 2009, Glostrup Hospital received a complete implementation of MIRSK Suite™. Flexibility has never been so great and the efficiency is significantly improved.

Based on the pilot run and implementations as mentioned above, we, at MIRSK, have been continuously able to develop our digital tools further, so that today they are completely adapted to the normal workflow of a typical hospital ward.

MIRSK and Glostrup Hospital has to this date been through two pilot projects with speech recognition. In relation to the MIRSK solution, there has also been Finnish hospital executives visiting, as well as Chinese and Nicaraguan distributors.