Gentofte Hospital has, in a major restructuring, selected Fiber Internet and ESA (Effective System Access) streamlined with the digital dictation solution, MIRSK Suite™.

Gentofte Hospital

Gentofte Hospital is a specialty hospital in The Capital Region of Denmark. Every year, the hospital has approx. 20,000 hospitalized patients and performs approx. 225,000 examinations or treatments that do not require hospitalization. The hospital was inaugurated in 1927 and has since been expanded several times. The latest expansion was in 2009.

Gentofte Hospital has chosen a MIRSK solution in 2013.

The hospital has had a lot of restructuring and various challenges in terms of infrastructure. The hospital has for instance established a Fiber Internet connection for a better accessibility to MIRSK and ESA (Effective System Access).

Due to establishment of ESA and faster Internet connection, MIRSK was subsequently implemented.