KABS has been in dialogue with MIRSK for a long time. After implementing MIRSK Suite™, their workflow became much more efficient.


Copenhagen County Treatment Center for Substance Abuse (KABS) was established in September 2001. Today KABS is a company operating under Glostrup municipality/Glostrup Hospital as a result of local government reform. It provides treatment to more than 15 municipalities in the metropolitan area.

MIRSK has been in dialogue with KABS for a long time, since many of the therapists also work at other hospitals in The Capital Region of Denmark, where MIRSK Suite™ was already implemented. Therefore, it only made sense for KABS to also get a MIRSK Suite™ and in this way achieve a greater efficiency.

MIRSK have made a hosted agreement with KABS where they use MIRSK’s servers and where they have a digital dictation solution directly installed on KABS’ own computers. This way, they can easily get access to the MIRSK system from the workplace and elsewhere.

KABS have followingly been very satisfied with their MIRSK solution. With MIRSK Suite™, they can make more dictations during one day, the secretaries have a structured overview and therapists have an easier workflow by using MIRSK Suite™ instead of analog tapes.

Solution: Hosted-solution with MIRSK Suite™ including hardware, software and some training.