In 2010, Stig Joergensen’s practice implemented MIRSK Speech Recognition™ and  received a satisfactory recognition rate in its IT system. In a busy practice, this means several saved hours per day.

Specialist Doctor Stig Joergensen

Specialist Doctor Stig Joergensen experimented at an early stage with speech recognition from another supplier. At that time, both the immaturity of technology and the unrealistic price for a small clinic, discouraged him from taking advantage of the technology.

The fact that many small clinics can share a hosted MIRSK Speech Recognition™ solution, cuts price to a realistic level. It is therefore possible for small clinics to use the same technology that has until now been reserved for large clinics with their own IT department.

In 2010, Stig Joergensen had the possibility of using MIRSK Speech Recognition™. This solution was offered without a beforehand investment commitment.

As Stig Joergensen’s practice did not have a secretary, it was important that the practice would be able to achieve a high recognition rate with MIRSK as soon as possible.

MIRSK delivered MIRSK Speech Recognition™ for Stig Joergensen’s practice, including software, licenses, hardware, training and installation. In addition, the clinic also had configured a mini-integration into their electronic health record system.

Stig Joergensen could, without spending too many hours on training, use the technologies from MIRSK immediately and thus achieve a satisfactory recognition rate from the first time he tried the system. In a busy practice, this is considered equivalent to several hours of savings per day.