Danish Agriculture & Food Council is an industrial organization who have had their existing analog solution updated with MIRSK ProDictation™.

Danish Agriculture & Food Council

MIRSK has delivered MIRSK ProDictation™ for Danish Agriculture & Food Council health control who primarily controls livestock, such as pigs. When the vets and advisors are on the move, they do dictations and reporting via MIRSK’s telecommunications dictation solution.

The advantage for Danish Agriculture & Food Council is that they can perform the health documentation regardless of geographical location, while in the meantime giving their own secretaries immediate transcribed information.

Where Danish Agriculture & Food Council previously used analog dictaphones that physically had to be transported back and forth, frequently between large distances, the process is now much abbreviated: Before, the process typically ran over a 3-4 day workflow. Today, the same procedure is done in a matter of minutes; from doing the dictation, to sending it to the main office.