Athis-Mons is one of the leading private hospitals in France and has received a total digital dictation platform from MIRSK.


Athis-Mons is a French private hospital that performs both medical and surgical services.

MIRSK delivered and implemented a comprehensive digital dictation platform to the hospital’s doctors and therapists. With the two physical locations of the hospital (in Athis and Mons), it has often been a challenge for doctors and therapists to do the clinical documentation and have it archived on time. With MIRSKs digital dictation, the hospital has been able to do documentation anytime and anywhere. Regardless of their location, the secretaries can handle and journalize dictations.

The communication between the two hospital locations, has been significantly improved: Instead of waiting 1-2 days for the delivery of analog tapes, it now takes 1-2 minutes – the time it takes to send and simultaneously receive the material. This has ultimately shortened the stay of patients at the hospital, from admission to discharge.

Instead of secretaries waiting until afternoon to get their analog/physical tapes handed over, they now immediately get the dictated material sent, giving more structure and clarity in their workflows. If, for instance, the Athis-department lacks work assignments, the staff can always help the Mons-department with easy electronic exchange of data. Easy, convenient and incredibly effective!