Danfoss got a professional and tailored MIRSK solution to their Danish offices.


Danfoss was interested to know which suppliers could deliver the latest solutions within guided tour- and interpretation systems. Danfoss has very strict quality standards and at the same time, a very extensive approval process in the selection of suppliers, where they require a perfect match between quality, reliability, service and price.

MIRSK was invited as an outsider among the potential suppliers of the system, and promptly initiated a comprehensive analysis of Danfoss’ workflows and needs.

Next, we decided to tailor a MIRSK solution in cooperation with B&O, which was the firm responsible for the audio portion.

As a final solution, MIRSK delivered a professional tour system that allows tours and interpretations in a variety of languages in a perfect digital quality sound. It is the exact same solution as B&O has received from MIRSK.

The system is currently used on a daily basis at Danfoss and is a great tool for profiling the company for retailers, clients, suppliers and other parties of interest to the company.