B&O is not only a client of MIRSK, but also a supplier. Via a customized MIRSK solution, B&O have been supplied with a functional tour system.


MIRSK has delivered a customized solution for B&O’s headquarters, where MIRSK hardware, through B&O headsets, transmits from the speaker to the user via the technology MIRSK have developed.

This means that B&O, e.g., can give foreign guests of many different nationalities a tour in their impressive premises in Struer, Denmark, while at the same time the tour guide’s voice is automatically translated into the various languages.

The cooperation is unique, because B&O is also a supplier to MIRSK.

The combination of solid craftsmanship, modern technology, unique design and functionality makes the overall product packages from B&O and MIRSK interesting for everyone who believes that uncompromising quality should be a key parameter in the delivery of the IT-solutions.