MIRSK is a supplier of IT solutions to the largest Danish trade union 3F who most recently received a digital recording- and transcription solution for their meeting room.


3F has a documentation requirement to their members and must therefore continually deliver written reports of meetings and conferences.

Before delivery of MIRSK’s digital solutions, staff used tape recorders during meetings and conferences.
Tape recorders had to be operated manually before, during and after meetings. Afterwards, physical tapes had to be delivered to the secretaries, Who copied the tapes and transcribed them manually. When the meetings and the conferences were held around the country, secretaries had to travel along, which meant high costs for overtime, transportation, hotels, meals etc.

After MIRSK’s delivery of digital recording solutions, the work flow of 3F has been significantly optimized.

The systems detect whether people are talking in conference rooms or meeting rooms, and the technique starts and stops automatically. All recordings are supplied with info about the date, time and length in compressed digital audio format, and the second after recording has ended, secretaries can get the audio recordings and transcribe them using professional transcription equipment, no matter where in the country they physically are.

The audio files are divided into intervals of 10 min. with 15 sec. overlap, so secretaries can share the workload. At the same time, the system provides a single, collected audio file of the whole meeting/conference.

The successful rationalization of workflows at 3F has meant that they quickly gain a return on investment (ROI) on their IT-investment, and MIRSK continues to deliver innovative solutions to 3F.

Currently we are also working on the integration of 3F’s telecommunication with the secretary function, so employees can use their mobile phones as dictaphones, thereby enabling them, shortly after dictations are made, to get their audio files professionally transcribed by 3F’s administrative staff.